Turnkey Greenhouse Solutions

With years of experience in agricultural innovation, you can trust Argos to design and implement the commercial greenhouse solution that’s right for your farming needs.



Smart Greenhouse Technology

As the global population continues to rise and climate change concerns present an ever-increasing threat to farming, questions are raised about the sustainability of our food supplies. Effective indoor cultivation through greenhouse manufacturing is the key to producing premium produce at scale.  Enter our turnkey greenhouse solutions featuring smart technology for smart cultivation…


Agricultural Innovation for a Better Future

We provide innovative hydroponic greenhouse farming solutions, allowing growers to cultivate predictable and stable yields of premium produce under optimal conditions in a range of challenging climates – from sub-zero to tropical. With nearly two decades of experience in supplying full kits for high-end greenhouse projects, the Argos team has designed and installed multiple successful setups across the continents. 


Our advanced Israeli greenhouse technology allows us to implement a new generation of cultivation worldwide, while still accounting for local circumstances and market demands. The result? An ever-growing selection of flavorful fruits and vegetables that look imported but are grown locally. 

Our Greenhouse Farming Philosophy

Our mission is to deliver turnkey greenhouse farming solutions that allow farmers to produce high-quality goods cost-effectively. Every greenhouse project we undertake is unique and tailor-made for each farm. You’ll never see us rolling out the same indoor cultivation plans across multiple sites. We take a comprehensive approach to the design of every industrial greenhouse, encompassing:

  • Market demand 

  • Climate requirements

  • Design features

  • Technical installations

  • Crop protection

  • Environmental considerations

Our growing methodologies have been perfected over decades. Our streamlined processes ensure the rollout and optimization of your project goes smoothly and successfully, resulting in efficient outputs at a lower cost, and in record time. 



Our Turnkey Greenhouse Solutions

In order to provide durable greenhouse farming models for a diverse range of temperatures and weather conditions, we work through a tried-and-tested 3 step design and implementation process:

1. Understanding Your Industrial Greenhouse Needs

Once we have a thorough understanding of your target market and climate requirements, we can get to work on designing a greenhouse solution that provides:

  • Full irrigation control

  • Climate adjustment and irrigation at the touch of a button

  • Opportunities to grow exclusive varieties of produce



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