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Argos offers techniques and solutions for growing special and exotic varieties of fruits and vegetables and specializes in a smart soilless growing system.

Using this method, we place coco peat grow bags in rows in the greenhouse.


The  cultivation process is done in the bags using a built-in irrigation system.

This unique technology  allows to provide the plant with the exact doses of fertilizer and water needed in  laboratory conditions. It reduces ground diseases and allows for reassessments and adjustments of N.P.K and micro-elements.  


Our growing systems include:

  • Advanced vegetable nursery - producing the highest quality plants.

  • Leafy vegetables on a large scale production

  • Hanging strawberries in growing gutters to maximize the quantity produced (average 20 plants per sq.m)

  • Trellising vegetables - The combination of this high end trellising system and greenhouse allows a longer growing season (tomatoes, cucumbers, all colors of peppers, chillies, melons, eggplants and others…)  

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